Who Needs a Prenup?

Do you need a prenuptial agreement? There are a wide range of people who can benefit from a prenuptial agreement:

    • people who believe family law treats unmarried couples unfairly
    • people who want to avoid an expensive legal case if their relationship ends
    • people entering second relationships
    • people with estate plans
    • people who own a business
    • people who own a home
    • people with more assets or a higher income than their partners
    • people who expect a signficant inheritance or who will be taking over a family business
    • couples where both parties have significant assets
    • couples where one party has significant debts
    • people who are economically weaker than their partners and want economic protection upon separation or the death of their partner
    • people with children from a previous relationship
  • people who are foregoing a career due to the relationship

Even if you decide that a prenup is not appropriate for you, going through the discussions with your partner is beneficial. It is a good idea to know what your partner’s assets, liabilities, and income are, what their attitude to handling money during is, and what they would consider fair if your relationship ever ended. And it cannot hurt for you to obtain a basic knowledge of what family law is all about.

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  1. Paula Huszti says

    I am a Canadian citizen permanent resident of the US. I am planning to marry a Canadian next year (2014) and will eventually move back to Canada (probably not until 2015). Can I still have him sign a prenuptial? We will be married in Canada. I make more than he does and he has a lot of debt that I do not want to be responsible for should this union not work out. I also have 3 kids, am a home owner and work in the US.
    Please advise. Thanks.

    • @Paula – Sure you can. You’ll need to carefully plan this out with lawyers in both jurisdictions, as you’ll want to make sure that your prenup is valid in both jurisdictions.

  2. If I get a prenup and my partner and I both sign, does my partner need a separate prenup as well, from a different law firm? Or will just the one prenup do?

  3. On the flip side, if you don’t want a prenup, but your partner does, use this opportunity to practice discussing difficult topics that are important to the relationship in a loving and nonthreatening manner. Whether you decide on a prenup or not, it will be a great communication tool and will teach each of you what the other needs and wants.

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