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Jules Oille:

“Jeff was always professional”
“Jeff was very easy to deal with and always professional. His advice was always helpful and I enjoyed working with him. He also quotes you a price and sticks to it! I recommend you use him.”
Chris Merrick
“Jeff went above and beyond”
“I found Jeff as I was researching lawyers to help me with a prenuptial agreement. My fiance and I are getting married and we wanted to protect our assets in the event that something happened. Unlikely, but possible scenario. Jeff was very responsive and took time to answer every question seriously. Even though some of my questions and comments were probably minuscule, he went above and beyond to clarify every clause in the agreement. Jeff explained to me my rights and obligations, and what the agreement meant legally. He took no more than a day to answer emails and to hop on calls. I felt taken care of and like an important client. In addition, he charged very reasonably. I would highly recommend Jeff.”
“Jeff is very professional and guides you through the process”
“I found Jeff on the internet and was very impressed with the service he provided. He was always accessible and responded very fast to all questions through email with very direct and to the point advise on difficult questions and feedback from the counterpart’s lawyer. I was impressed with his significant knowledge of prenups and crossborder marriages. He was always good to communicate not only with me but also indirectly to my partner by suggesting good compromises on feedback from the counterpart’s lawyer. All in all, we as a couple felt that, Jeff was able to support me as my lawyer but also to make my partner comfortable with the final outcome. Me and my partner will recommend Jeff to everyone I know.”
Kurt Hungeberg
“I was very impressed with his services and I would recommend him to all my friends.”
“I worked with Jeff to put together my marriage agreement and the experience was truly exceptional. Despite my stringent nature and challenging timelines Jeff made himself available around the clock and worked with me to get everything done on time. We have gone through several iterations of the contract and several dozen emails through which Jeff always acted with utmost rectitude and professionalism. His prices are very competitive and it is especially refreshing to know how much everything will cost up front with no surprises. I was very impressed with his services and I would not hesitate to use him again and recommend him to all my friends. Thank you Jeff!”
Vadim Bachmutsky
“Jeff has a passion for the law itself, not just what they can gain from it.”
“I was quite impressed with the way Jeff went about things. I’ve worked within the legal field for 15 years, and it’s impressive and refreshing to see a company who has a passion for the field itself, not just for what they can gain from it. Jeff researched my specific problem, then laid out a common-sense approach to solving it. I’m quite happy with Jeff and their services and will continue to use them myself, and recommend them to others in my situation.”
Rob Collinson
“Jeff was a breath of fresh air, a company you can trust.”
“Years ago, I got railroaded in court so I didn’t want to go back. From my experiences, all lawyers were sleezeballs. Jeff was a breath of fresh air. They are very honest, a company you can trust. Working with Jeff was a totally different experience. They did a really good job for me. I would certainly refer Jeff to friends.”
Larry Jantzi
“Jeff is responsive and accessible.”
“Jeff was extremely helpful and always answered all of my questions. They were very friendly and easy to work with. They gave me the best advice they could each and every time, never imposing their thoughts on me. Then they allowed me to make my own decisions. I really liked working with Jeff by e-mail. It’s the perfect way for me because I think better in writing. Then Jeff can answer my e-mail when it’s convenient for them. They were always responsive and accessible. I would absolutely recommend their services to others.”
David Cook
“Jeff is easy to work with, even from the U.S., because he uses technology to his advantage!”
“When I needed an expierienced, I searched the Internet and easily found Jeff. I sent them an e-mail and they replied almost immediately. I was impressed with how easy it was to reach them, how responsive they were, and with their technological abilities. Jeff and I did our business over the Internet and with phone calls. Jeff charged what they said tehy would charge. And since they accept credit cards, it’s easy to work with them across the border. Jeff offered good advice based on their previous experiences in a clear, straightforward manner. I have been very satisfied with their handling of my affairs and would surely refer them to others.”
Bruce Stewart
“E-mail made communicating with Jeff extremely convenient.”
“Jeff were very knowledgeable and very professional. They really made me feel comfortable. They discussed my situation and were very helpful. Communicating with them was extremely convenient. Working with Jeff was a very good experience. I highly recommend them.”
Geoff McIntyre
“Jeff does what they say they will do. You don’t have to check up on them.”
“Jeff simplifies legal talk into something you can easily understand. I have attention deficit disorder. When I would read something, I’d get partway through it and had no idea what I was reading. Jeff made it real easy for me. Also, Jeff does what they say they will do. You don’t have to check up on them. I never had to call back and ask how it’s going. I knew they were working hard on my case and that things were getting done. I have a lot of faith in Jeff.”
Myles Tobin
“Jeff did their job professionally and accurately, just like I expected.”
“Jeff and I communicated only via e-mail and regular mail, but this functioned very well and was in my opinion fast and up to date. I have been kept informed at all times about the various different legal situations. The mails were easy to understand and Jeff kept options open for me to decide myself how to proceed with the matter. I knew what were the risks on each option. So now my legal matter came to a successful end, I know that they did their job professionally and accurately, just like I expected.”
Enrico Bartusch

“Jeff always returns my calls within one day.”

“I found Jeff on the internet. Then I saw and read their materials before I made an appointment. I spoke with Jeff for a consultation. I had spoken to several lawyers, but felt most comfortable with Jeff. They are very patient and understanding. I can tell them anything and they always returns my calls within one day. I wholeheartedly recommend their services. In fact, not long ago I referred a friend to them.”
Janet Anis
“Jeff were knowledgeable, effective, and always easy to get ahold of.”
“Jeff and I had a collaborative effort, which allowed me input into the process. I worked with them mostly by e-mail. It was always easy to get ahold of them. They were responsive, getting back to my quite rapidly, frequently in the evening and on weekends. They were knowledgeable and well informed. They were well aware of the current jurisprudence and the effect it would have on my case. And Jeff didn’t lead me down the garden path. Instead, they identified my case’s weak points and strong points. Then they gave me a good, honest assessment of what they thought the outcome would be. Everything did evolve as they indicated it would. And, in fact, we came out pretty close to what he predicted. I was comfortable working with Jeff. They were not overly expensive and I feel I got good value for the dollar. I would recommend their services to others.”
Sau Yong
“Jeff’s fees are legitimate and fair. I would use them again in a heartbeat.”
“Jeff is really impressive. They are personable, efficient, and get back to you on e-mails and by phone as quickly as possible. I’d send an e-mail and get a response back in an hour or two — sometimes in a matter of minutes. They are very efficient at sending and receiving information. This is a definite plus, not like the hassle of playing phone tag. I’m very happy with the way Jeff operates. He did not charge me for a lot of excess stuff. His fees are legitimate, reasonable and fair. I liked how they presented themselves. They are good listeners. I liked everything about them and highly recommend them to anyone. They took care of me very well. I would definitely use them again in a heartbeat.”
Dan St-Germain

“Jeff were pensive, understanding and thorough — they provided a personal level of service that addressed my needs at a difficult time in my life.”

“I approached Jeff at a difficult point in my own life. Faced with the need to find a lawyer I first took to the internet. Their personal web site, versus that of many others, impressed me. It attracted me because it was carefully laid out with sound information and advice. Initially intrigued, I set up an appointment to meet with them and on meeting them was struck by their thoughtful manner and solid advice. Based upon my review of their web site and our introductory exploratory meeting I engaged them to represent my interests in a most difficult process. In subsequent meetings, by telephone and by e-mail, they delivered a personal level of service and went well beyond the call of duty in meeting my needs during a most difficult time. Their advice was focussed and to the point. I particularly appreciated their close attention to detail and thorough review of issues. Jeff delivered solid, independent advice — on a personal level that met my expressed needs.”
Craig Cameron

“Jeff was up-front with costs… Dealing with Jeff was a pleasure.”

“Jeff is a professional, relaxed and friendly firm. From my experience, they were up-front with costs and kept me informed of every step they took in dealing with my concerns. When I asked them to provide some “last minute” extras, they did so quickly and without hassle. Dealing with Jeff was a pleasure.”
Michael Wiggins
“I really appreciate how hard Jeff worked on my behalf.”
“Jeff is one heck of a law firm. I felt completely at ease when talking with them and relaying my problem without feeling scorned. They made me feel comfortable. And I really appreciate how hard they worked on my behalf. There’s a stigma about lawyers who try to gouge you or take you to the cleaners. Not Jeff. It was a great feeling to work with them. I absolutely recommend them to others without hesitation.”
John Bowden
“When I asked questions, Jeff had the answers.”
“I felt Jeff was very thorough. They listen to what you have to say. When I asked questions, they had the answers. I would gladly refer friends to Jeff.”
Garth Mitchell

“I plan to use Jeff again – and I have already referred a friend.”

“Jeff are easy to talk with and very responsive to any inquiries or questions I might have. They are fair and have a really good understanding of the issues. I’m quite happy with how they are approaching my case. I plan to use Jeff again next spring when I have other issues I must address. I’m so pleased with Jeff that I have already referred a friend to him.”
James Watson

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